Creating a Vivid Vision for Your Future

Published on Aug 30, 2020

The clarity of your vision of your future is so important. It should be a vivid vision. It should feel real. You should be able to feel it. The clearer your vision, the more motivated you are to keep working toward it. The more vivid the vision, the more it will pull you towards it.

How can one visualize a desired future? You could create a vision board. You could do a digital version of a vision board, some kind of diagram. It’s helpful to have a visual aspect. A photo of someone with the kind of body you’re striving for, for example. That makes the vision more specific and tangible.

You could write about it, describing it in detail. You could write about it every day, every morning. This is what Benjamin Hardy recommends.

You could even play a video game that lets you simulate that kind of life. A life simulation game like The Sims. Or any video game where you have agency and different paths you can take in a large open world.

The most important thing is to keep developing that vision. To think about it every day, to always be on the lookout for new ideas on how to achieve it. To keep considering that vision and working backwards to the checkpoints and strategies that can get you there.