Published on Nov 13, 2020

There's a saying in Asia that "In crisis there's also opportunity." Saw this on Twitter, which just about sums up the disruption COVID had on businesses:

COVID's business impact demonstrated in 1 sentence: Disney+ has hit its five-year subscriber target in just eight months. ~ @austin_rief

That's just mind-blowing. You hear about the economic recession, whole industries like travel and aviation going into bankruptcy, businesses shuttering their doors due to the pandemic. But in business you either die a martyr or live long enough to win big. And Disney was at the right pace and right time to win big. 19x or more multiples kind of big (pun intended). Yet at the same time, Disneyland had been closed most of the year. That's the 19x disruption in the opposite direction. The contrasting fates of businesses within the same company couldn't be a more apt portrayal of COVID-induced disruption.

Stories like these get my entrepreneurial self really excited. I written before about the potential (ethical) opportunities—remote services, entertainment, VR—that businesses can leverage on in this crisis, but I myself had not ventured much into it. Reading this and re-reading my older posts makes me want to try it out at least. 


There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. ~ Lenin

Indeed, decades happened in most of 2020. Got to cash in on it before the decades end!