#Countdownto2years celebration

Published on Nov 8, 2020

So it's begun. This site 200 Words A Day will shut down by 22 Dec 2020. @brandonwilson started this idea of the countdown, and I'm jumping on too since it's a great way to celebrate the beginning of the end.

Why "celebrate"? I'm not at all sad, to be honest. The friendships made here will endure somehow I believe. There's always Telegram and Twitter to keep in touch of what each other is doing. Besides, I also wanted to celebrate how for a few of us here, we had written every day for so long. The consistency is amazing. I'd never done anything every day with this much consistency. Some days it feels like foolish stubbornness. Other days, optimistic consistency. All days are good days, nonetheless. All the good and bad, are all part of the journey, the emergent process of writing.  

It's also a timely to celebrate, because I started writing daily on 8 Dec 2018. Nice things come in pairs, and two years feels like a nice milestone to end things off here. A little slice of my life, in a little cosy corner of the internet. After having written so much, it'll be great to introspect and recap my writing journey here, what I done, what I could have done, and what next. 

I'm still thinking of what to do next, though. Take a short break? Start my own daily blog with a streak mechanism? Or open this blog to be a collective one? Or upload my two years worth of posts somewhere and continue writing daily without missing a beat? 

Much to think and reflect about.