#Countdownto2years celebration

Published on Nov 8, 2020

Today I heard that the site is definitely shutting down. For some reason, I didn't think it would actually happen.

I have learnt so much from my journey on this site. I am proud to be one of the long streakers. I built my original streak to over 400+ days before I lost it... and started over. Like @jasonleow - I have never done anything for this long - twice. I never considered myself a writer or even thought about being one before this site. I still call it 200wordsAday.

I have been able to learn the ability to put my thoughts down, find the discipline to do something daily, connecting with Sir Abe in person, doing the interviews, the writing competitions, learning about discipline and sleep from Brandon, productivity from Baz and finding Jason - a person from Singapore that seems to have exactly my personality, doing our monthly reviews and many other people along the way - this community has meant a lot.

I have come to understand and appreciate writing as an important skill. Thanks to the encouragement from people here, I am in the process of writing my coming to America story. I intend to wrap it up before 2021. That is a direct impact of this community. I plan to dedicate the book to this community and immigrants everywhere.

I know I will keep in touch with everyone that is already in the telegram chat group but I want to find a way to keep writing. Let's find a way.