Published on Aug 26, 2020

There is something about counting down to a date that makes me work harder.

I have heard people say that they enjoy the countdown to an upcoming vacation more than the vacation itself.

Since starting August right, I have been excited about how the month will go. I have made many plans and things that I feel are moving the needle both in my life and in my attitude about long held views.

There are now less than 7 days for this month to end. I have a few things I intend to do before I welcome September in a week.

The most exciting thing I want to declare I will do is build an app. As I shared here before, I am learning data science on my own time. A few people including writers here have repeatedly reminded me that the best way to learn is to do build something to learn and show what you can do. The field of data science is so varied that I have been bubbling with ideas everyday. I have finally decided what I wanted to build.

I will continue to take my classes and get those Ivy League certifications to put on my resume but I will also have a toy to play with that I will build myself.

Stay tuned as I countdown to September.