Published on Oct 30, 2020

These last few days, I thought I had the virus.
Small symptoms made me anxious and paranoid. With the cases going up very sharply in the US, I am worried that doctors will make a call on who gets to be treated in the hospitals going forward. It really is not a good place to be with the types of things we see around the world.

I was so anxious and certain about my diagnosis, that I had a dream about running into a hospital to grab an oxygen therapy unit for myself and my family. Corona managed to creep into my sleep and I would wake up tired.

Fortunately - I have a few gadgets that I use to monitor a few things to access if my body was under an attack:

1. Body temperature in case of a fever - using Oura ring
2. Respiratory rate - Using Oura ring
3. Pulse Oximeter - To monitor if my oxygen levels go below 94-94
4. Resting heart rate - Fitbit and Oura
5. Sugars - Dexcom
6. Blood Pressure monitoring

Keeping an eye on all these gadgets for any significant change/spike in anything, I was able to determine if something was happening. Within a few days of seeing nothing significant, I was able to get a peace of mind. I had a few sinus headaches but it was gone within 24 hours.

Strange times we are living in. Bio-hacking may just be a requirement for peace of mind going forward.