Contributing to the change I want to see in the World

Published on May 26, 2019

The other day I wrote a post about how lucky and grateful felt in life and how I wanted to figure out a way to give back more. I got a lot of tough love in that post, which I truly appreciate but if I'm honest, I still felt a little overwhelmed on where to make the change. So, in response to that I have decided to give back to the things that have impacted my life the most this year.

Instead of being the change I want to see the world, I'm starting small and contributing to the change I want to see in the world. As a developer and aspiring Indie Hacker, I realise just how hard it is to build something and sustainably make a living from it. It's hard to ask for money when there are a million other platforms, products and services that are completely free.

The reason they're free is usually because they sell out web space for advertisements or they pawn your data off to third-party agencies. I hate both these models, and that's why today I've decided to contribute to two platforms that have helped me considerably in my life. They are:

  • 200 WaD: I've gained so much from the last 45 days writing here alone and that's why today I became a 200 WaD patron. I feel like the simple habit of writing every day has helped me mentally shift into gear and actually attack all the projects I've left on the back burner for years! By breaking tasks down into simple chunks and just doing a little bit every day I've managed to complete a ton in the past month. I'm now forming new habits with daily exercise, yoga, reading, coding tutorials, and personal development. I'm excited to write each day even if it's trash. It's just the act of showing up and producing "something" that gives me joy.
  • Free Code Camp: I wouldn't have a career as a web developer without the amazing community over at Free Code Camp. The curriculum has taught me how to program in JavaScript and the chat rooms and forums have answered so many dumb questions of mine. I try to be active on the forum and give back too, but now I've decided to make a recurring monthly donation. Free Code Camp is such a powerful resource and I love the community. It relies on donations to survive so it's only fair to give back to the platform that my career depends on.

I think it's only right to pay the real price of these goods and services so that they don't have to sell out to advertising. It takes a very strong will of a founder to maintain this model and become a sustainable business. I want both 200 WaD and Free Code Camp to stick around long into the future, and that's why I'm contributing the the change I want to see in the world.