Contribute, don't dominate

Published on Jul 26, 2020

Do you believe you must be an expert first, before providing value? Do you believe you need be able to dominate your niche, else it's best not to try?

I've always thought  that: "I need to pick and solve one problem to be relevant in the market", just like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to improve public health by eradicating some illnesses with vaccines. 

Until, I changed my mind at the THNK school.

We learnt that the impact we try to have rsp. the problem we try to solve needs to be reasonably sized, so

We neither boil the ocean, nor just an egg. 

Meeting many change makers and entrepreneurs determined to contribute to solve our problems made me see that we are each one wave and together form a whole ocean. 

I don't need to take on huge insurmountable tasks and put pressure on myself to solve them alone. I can just contribute my part, with the gifts I've been given. 

Once you start thinking like that, there is no "kill the competition"-thinking any longer, as you start seeing everyone on the same mission as contributors. There is always more problems to be solved, more valuable services to be provided, more business to be made and more voices to be added to the conversation. Add yours, there are people who need to hear it from you!

Thanks to Denise-DT for inspiring this post by sharing your learning "I'm a contributor, not a guru" in your book "Chillpreneur".