Continuous Personal Growth

Published on Aug 22, 2020

With every new month, a person should be starting a 30-day program or challenge. Or be in the middle of perhaps a 90-day course. One should be on some structured, time-limited growth journey. It could be something self-created, or one of the many resources online. It could be a course on Coursera or Udemy, or a shorter, simpler course.

I just finished a short, simple course from Benjamin Hardy called “The 30-Day Create Your FUTURE SELF Project”. It was great. Every day, there was a new short video to watch and a journaling prompt. It took less than half an hour each day. And it was quite helpful. It helped me define my goals and build confidence and momentum in pursuing them. It gave me something to think about each day, a new idea to mix into my thoughts every day.

Before that, I went through The Science of Well-Being course on Coursera. This is a course that is taught at Yale, made available for free online. It lasts ten weeks. Each week, it gives you something new to try to improve your well-being. It doesn’t take much time, never more than a couple of hours a week. And it’s really helpful.

One should always have something like that going on. Some growth program, something with a definite timeline and a clear goal. Something relevant to that moment in the person’s life. Something that will bring in new information, new ideas every day. To give more meaning to that moment in the person’s life. To continually refresh the person’s ideas and avoid stagnation. There’s so much out there, much of it free. We should take advantage of it!