Constraints and Flexibility

Published on Aug 3, 2020

This morning I am looking into renting a van and traveling the California coast. Living out of a van for a couple of weeks. I would never have thought about doing this before. Before COVID. But with COVID, things started changing. I had to become more flexible, as did everyone else.

In a weird way, the COVID lockdown opened up the world for me. It shook me out of my complacency, and nudged me to consider different possibilities. The size of the world depends on my perceptions. My flexibility. My openness to new experiences.

Many changes have happened in the last six months that I couldn’t have even imagined in February. I started regularly doing an exercise routine. I lost twenty pounds. I moved out of the place I had lived in for over five years. I moved to my hometown, for a few months at least. I started working from home every day.

Before I could go anywhere in the world, but didn’t. My world was largely confined to San Francisco, and sometimes other parts of Northern California. Now leaving the country seems like a bad idea, and yet the world feels bigger. The introduction of some constraints nudged me to reshuffle my life in order to thrive in the new environment. The constraints caused me to be more flexible, and the flexibility made the world feel rich with possibility.