Published on Sep 13, 2020

I read somewhere that compound interest in the eighth wonder of the world. I see it in so many ways—Twitter followers, page views, newsletter subscribers, mental focus, etc.

That all sounds great, but the primary issue is trusting that compound interest will eventually take hold when you are just starting out. I heard that only about 4,000 podcasts have more than 5-10 listeners per episode. That's crazy, but super understandable if you believe in power laws. A select few podcasts have almost all the listeners.

So how do you create something that becomes one of those few? From listening to advice on the internet, everyone seems to suggest simply putting in the reps is the primary factor. I constantly wonder how much this is true. I also often think about all the people who could have created a great product/newsletter/podcast/etc but got discouraged early on because their numbers weren't soaring up and to the right.

To me, this is indicates that you have to have intrinsic motivation to do the thing in the first place, without bringing in revenue and without having a bunch of eyeballs on what you are working on.