Compound Writing

Published on Jun 2, 2019

200 words. Not many to fill a blank screen. Too insignificant to have an impact. Or is it?

A year has 365 days. If you write 200 words every day consistently for a year, you generate 73,000 words.

It is assumed a non-fiction book is about 250 words per page, so in one year you can actually write about 292 pages of content.

According to Medium, 1600 words is the optimal length of a blog post in terms of trade-off between quality and engagement. Do you write 45 quality blog posts a year yet?

Of course, writing and publishing are two distinct things. But it's not so much about looking good at first, it's about pushing your boundaries. To learn to be comfortable with putting yourself out there.

Writing consistently has a compounding effect. It has no immediate impact, but it eventually builds up to create major change.

Compound writing increases your momentum as well. The average word count per post on 200 Words a Day is actually at 316 words: 115,000 words a year, or 460 pages, or 71 blog posts.

Few people are capable of this feat, which is why it quickly becomes an unfair advantage. If you write well, you have the power to rally people. If you don't, writing regularly won't prevent you from writing crap, but at least it will feel good, which is what matters most honestly - to have fun while making yourself a favor.