Communication Experiment

Published on Jul 13, 2020

I recently read a tweet by Ferruccio Balestreri.

He set up 30 minutes calls everyday for people to chat about technical things - his list included UI/UX Design, Programming, Deploying, System Design, Strategy, Technical Job Interviews.

I'm thinking of doing the same thing - opening up my calendar for 30 minutes a day to chat with anyone about anything.

I don't know if I will commit to daily, or how I will even manage it.

Right now, I'm thinking Calendly with 1 open 30 minute slot.

Has anyone else done this before? How did you manage it? Do you have any recommendations?

I'm not exactly known for being chatty or good at networking. It's something I'm hoping to improve upon, and so I'm putting myself out there. Maybe... (hides)