Committing to Fitness

Published on Jul 19, 2020

Committing to a clear, quantifiable goal is very powerful. It might be the single most important necessity for self improvement. If the commitment is there and the goal is clear and quantifiable, everything else follows. When you are committed to a measurable goal, you will always know if you are on track, and you will always be willing to adjust to stay on track. Success is all but guaranteed.

Fitness goals are especially easy to make clear and measurable. And they are also very important, universally important. They improve health, obviously, but they broadly improve physical and mental health and make success in other areas more likely, too. And most people have room for improvement in fitness. For these reasons, committing to a measurable fitness goal is a great way to start a self-improvement journey, or just to renew focus and motivation.

I’m using a fitness goal to renew my focus and motivation right now. I have been more focused than ever on self improvement in 2020, but have found myself losing focus in the last month. To get back on track, I have chosen fitness as my absolute commitment and primary measurement of how I’m doing in life. To that end, I have committed to 45 minutes of exercise a day. I will always know whether I have done this. It will be hard to rationalize my way out of it. And I won’t ever forget to do it, because it’s my primary focus.

I will do some of the exercise in the morning. I expect this to boost all my other efforts throughout the day. To make me more energetic and optimistic and empowered. I will use exercise strategically, as a keystone habit to set the tone for all my other efforts. I’m just a few days into the effort, but it’s been going well.

The commitment could be anything. It could be a commitment to doing ten pushups every morning, without fail. Or just to take one walk around the block every day. It just has to be taken seriously, and it should eventually grow to a more ambitious level. Focusing on fitness has almost unbelievable effects on many aspects of life. It’s worth seeing where you can get by just committing to fitness for a certain period of time, maybe 30 days. Whatever is, just show up every day.