Coming to America (3)

Published on Apr 8, 2019

My job as the cashier at KMART was a bit intense at first. There were very harsh restrictions about breaks and using the restroom. I wasn't exactly used to manual labor either so I found that standing on my feet for hours was exhausting.

What made it worse that there were 80 year old women working next to me. Almost like a machine with energy to spare and zero complaining. 

After all the work, I was looking forward to my first paycheck. 

When I got the payslip. I opened it in a hurry and looked at the top portion... It was a nice big number of two weeks of minimum wage. I smiled. I had already done the math.

Then I looked at the rest and there was a lot of information I didn't understand. Looking further down, at the bottom was the check with about 30% less of the total amount.

Are these people trying to scam me?

I will show them that I am not a fool. 
I walked straight to my manager and asked  - Where is the rest of my pay?  

With a blank expression he said -  Taxes

I felt robbed. 
Why hadn't someone told me about this?