Comics and superheros

Published on Feb 6, 2019

I was watching a video about Bill Maher and the comics incident.

I wonder .. Is this just effective marking by the superhero industry?

I didn't follow comics as a kid. 

I didn't realize how serious it was until I got to the US. People were shocked when they make a reference to a comic and I have a blank face. Some were visibly angry. 

In the recent past, I could watch maybe one or two superhero movies before I couldn't. I was recently complaining about why there were few movies I could watch... The likes of The Big Short, The Vice and The Martian are far and few in between.  

To me it's the power of marketing... The comic book/superhero industry has identified the generations of people that grew up with comics and superhero stories still like them... so they continue to create products around that and make the comics and movies more sophisticated. 

I am not the target audience so I don't understand it but their target market folks know the release dates, the budget, the date of the comic-con and more..

Is that true or am I just seeing marketing everywhere?