Coaching for Everyone

Published on Jul 20, 2020

There’s nothing like having a coach or advisor dedicated to maximizing your performance in key areas of life. A personal trainer, a financial advisor, a psychologist or counselor, a life coach.

Ideally, everyone would have a coach for every key area of their life: fitness, setting and achieving goals in general, finances, relationships. But of course, coaching is expensive. It takes an expert’s time, which tends to cost a lot per hour.

But what if it didn’t take a real, live person? What if there were automatic services that could serve as coaches? Or that could offer varying levels of human involvement, a whole spectrum of low-touch to high-touch coaching services. Complice, for example, is an app that is pitched as a lower-cost alternative to a life coach, but also offers life coaching to complement the app for an additional, substantial fee. In the fitness area, Aaptiv piloted a Coach feature that was supposed to offer an AI alternative to a personal trainer, though it’s not clear how that turned out.

Ideally, free and low-cost services would offer a “good enough” coaching service, and real-life coaches would be a luxury. So a similar percentage of the population would have live human coaching as has it now, but the rest of us could have something approaching a human coach, at a lower cost.