Published on Oct 17, 2020

It is refreshing to see your progress when you're sticking to a schedule. To see that you can do your challenges. You can become the person you long to be if you don't give up and don't give in. I think my style is still chiseling, forming and it's a hit and miss with all the tries.
Trying new things, reviewing my process, and fixing if necessary. It is time-consuming. 

Time is passing by fast, we have ~6 weeks until Erik's birth. Still a lot of things we have to do. But I'm not afraid anymore. Whatever will happen we have to continue on with our lives.
We have to keep moving forward. We have to suck it up and keep going. It is hard. And I'm not even sure how we'll manage it. But we have to. I hope our relationship we'll not crumble under the weight of it.
We're not the first and definitely we're not going to be the last.
It's hard to write when you feel overwhelmed. I will continue nevertheless.
Because that's who I am, That's what I want to be.
But I digress.