Charge up

Published on Sep 29, 2020

I have an iPad that permanently sits on my desk. It is just one of the many devices that make up what my wife refers to as "Mission Control". She still doesn't quite understand why I have so many. Regardless of her misgivings, the iPad serves an integral part of my connected world.

The iPad is continuously connected to power. Though it has Apple's "Charge Management Feature", which helps maintain battery health, I always thought there must be a way to charge iPad only when it needs to be charged, without me having to turn it on and off from the power.

The answer came with the recent iOS14 update. In the Siri Shortcuts, you now have personal automation triggers relating to battery level. So when the battery level reaches a certain level, you can trigger an action or series of actions to occur.

So I added a Smart Plug to my Apple HomeKit and plugged the iPad charger into it. I then added two automations. The first automation will turn the Smart Plug on when the battery level gets to 20%, and thus, start the charging. When the battery level reaches 100%, another automation will turn it off.

Works a treat!