Building a community

Published on Jun 12, 2019

Being a part of a community really helps people to be on track with the things that are actually meant for them.

The same goes for writers.

If you want to write every day and if you want to be a better writer, you will eventually have to join a writing community, be that online or offline.

Writing helps writers be better.

Driving helps drivers drive better.

So it's all about the community that you are in that actually helps you be on top of your game.

A friend of mine and I started to journal online about our healthy habits, that we are doing in order to be productive. For instance, i am now writing here and i will have to check the app to be part of the game. If i don't check my app and she sees that i am not productive, she will have to tell me "Hey Beko' what's up why are you not productive today".

But we also gave each other a free card to have a free day like if we go on a vacation or if we just want to hang out together because that's also like a part of a community and doing something good for you.

In order to be productive, you will have to get some rest because workaholism is actually a mental disorder if you ask me.

So if you still think that you are not productive enough, build yourself a community and be part of it as much as possible in order to feel better.