Building A Business Means Marketing

Published on Apr 30, 2019

Before the internet being able to market a business meant getting the word out. Another way to look at it is word of mouth is your best and free marketing tool in your toolbox. The internet and social media have made it easier to market a business, but that requires resources. In this modern era, you can have a website, and your business up and running is a couple of hours.

Professionally for myself yesterday was one of those ah-ha moments that has you scratching your head. Right now I am a independent Digital Marketing Consultant with the specialty of data analysis and reporting. I am Google Analytics Certified, and I do have experience with Adobe Analytics. My independent success started with clients on and then with

Yesterday on Upwork a potential client sent me a vague message about looking for someone to do reporting and analysis. The response was can you tell me about what you are looking to accomplish. The reply included the website and the goal of growing traffic on the site from 5,000 visits a month to 50,000 visits a month.

Looking at the site again and understanding the services it offers, then looking at the social media presence, and looking at the structure of the organization that owns the business there is a considerable gap. There is no one looking at the marketing component of this business. It is a great reason why a business can fail. Additionally, I did not see where the website is generating any revenue.

The response back to the client was that to grow the website traffic at the expected rate it requires significant resources. The analyst mindset is telling me it all starts with the data. I left the client a voicemail, and I am waiting to hear back.