Brought to you by the number 250

Published on Sep 30, 2020

Today's post is brought to you by the number 250. The following meaningless scribble will be my 250th post and the 250th day of an unbroken streak of writing 200 words a day. I say scribble because someday's when I write it feels like I am just getting it down, and in a hurry, to ensure I maintain my streak.

Nevertheless, there are some days I do write something meaningful that I may reflect on in the future as well written. I will avoid compiling a self-congratulatory list of my best writings, but I think my best offerings are when I write about the people or things that are closest to me. The rest might be considered filler.

This place has become my daily journal, not in the traditional sense of "dear diary", but a chance to sit and reflect on my day. The stories, anecdotes and musings are often a reflection of the point in time in which they are written. They may not have any context or relevance for others, but they have a lot of meaning for me.

Though you always have the option to make any post "private", I have been more than happy to share my writings in this community as "public". I don't require any validation from others about my writing, but I am always mindful that my commitment to post daily to this community is more about the promise I made to myself to write every day.

I see no reason to stop now. I feel like I am just warming up.