Broke my streak.

Published on Mar 2, 2019

This is it, the inevitable broken streak post. I know it will happen, not just not today, oh well. It was fun while it lasted. What's frustrating is not that I broke the streak but the reason for it. I was having a good day, the projects for the day are light and the lecture wasn't very hard. I still fell asleep and woke up ten minutes after twelve am.

I didn't talk about it much with my peers but inside, I'm kneeling under a storm looking up hiding my tears with the rain. Yeah that what I feel, but whatever. The experience surprised me though,  I am not a good writer by any means but I was able to write over ten thousand words in a couple of weeks? Last year, it took me 10 months to write that many. Although what I write here is all over the place, its still amazes me that I could write this many.

My content here is just for practice. As I wrote for my bio, I am 

"Writing my bad writing away."

I saw a video somewhere saying that people consider themselves as bad writers without writing anything. Unsurprisingly, I'm one of those people. So, I will write more until I find out whether I'm a good writer or not. Even when I find out that I'm a bad writer, I keep on writing since I would've made it a habit by then.