Breaking my own rule on meeting celebrities

Published on Oct 26, 2019

I think meeting celebrities just for the sake of meeting them is a waste of time. If I ever want to meet with stars, I hope it's through a project that we are working on. 

That's my view on it.

I came to this conclusion when I had the opportunity to meet with a couple of Youtube stars about five years ago. It happened unintentionally, and I was awestruck for sure. That was about it. 

Will the celebrity ever remember me again? Most likely not.

Will we be friends? Hell no.

Does meeting a celebrity mean something? Not really. Yeah, I will tell my friends about it, but what purpose does it have?

The best way to show support to them is to engage with their content.

Artists - listen to their music, see their art, go to their concerts, buy their merch

The movie starts- watch their films, talk about it on social media

Industry expert- learn from what they have to say, offer your views

With that said, I now have tickets to go to a Kpop concert and meet the artists before the show. This happened because of the type of seats/tickets that my friend and I wanted to get. I have no idea what to ask or say to them. It probably won't matter as well. I shall see if my opinion changes or not.