Beyond Unpaid Roles

Published on Jan 23, 2019

Not all, but most of us clamor that we are paid less than what we are doing. Some may tend to be unpaid for what they are doing. But is it really needed to put monetary value on everything just to be motivated?

Currently, I am having some part time jobs while having my last year in college. My works are less valued when measured through money. However,  I realized that reality of businesses incur in cutting costs while maximizing the loads of output in order to be efficient. My take to this, is that we limit the worth of our works with monetary value.  Sadly, it's too shallow to think of it. But growing in a developing country, here in the Philippines, people want to receive more but averse to do more.

Going back to how businesses obtain efficiency, it is similar to what I think of in having more jobs that are likely to be less paid, or even not being paid at all. The works I do is an opportunity where I can hone my skills each time I am doing it. Thus, it is called passion. Yet there are times that I do workloads that are not paid at all yet, I think it will help me learn something new and can even make me better. Hence it is called determination.

Sometimes we forgone to account experiences as we tend to focus on monetary value. Nonetheless, these are the things we could not afford to attain again once we take all of it for granted just because of money.

 I am not saying that we should be underpaid or unpaid. I am telling here that if things are out of your control, learn to grasp and make it as an opportunity to grow. Choose the right mindset on how the world molds you today. So that, you will be able to attain the right satisfaction you seek for tomorrow.