Becoming Great

Published on Jun 26, 2019

Along the way to becoming great, you'll compare yourself to many others. It's human nature; natural; and to that end, is not something you can or should avoid.

Be natural, organic, alive, and learn.

When the referee peeped his whistle to start, my buddy grabbed the opponent by a probing arm and pulled him in enough to grab his shoulders. With speed and agility he pulled the opponent toward the mat in a direction the young man didn't expect to go. The speed was practiced and surprising.

With both boys now on the mat, the disoriented boy struggled to back away but before he knew which direction to pull he was being rolled three times across the mat before ending up on his back as the ref counted to three.

The Russian Roll was a move a 12 year-old boy could master. It won a tournament or two and defined great for me in my little world.

Later, I would learn that mastering a topic isn't something you do in a season. It takes a long-term approach and consistent re-orienting backed up by the direction of sound principles. Effort and training are at play.

What do you want to be great at?  What are you willing to say no to along the way?

Are you willing to get trained by those better than you and put out massive effort and risk failure, misunderstanding and ridicule?

Nobody cares whether you move toward greatness - it has to come from within you. In fact we're happy if you just stay with the herd and be average. 

However, if you help others along their path, you'll make distinctions and get better yourself. The way to really learn then is to teach as you yourself practice. 

Go then. Learn. Practice. Be great.,and teach others along the way.