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Published on Sep 6, 2019

I'm currently re-designing the Patronage and Open Startup pages to align them with my business goals (to reach ramen profitability). The following quote is what I came up with to improve the copy of the Patronage page. Don't hesitate to send me your feedback for improvement. Also, I'm working on a Wall of Love to encourage visitors to become members, so feel free to write 200WaD a nice message right here :)

My name is Basile Samel and I'm the founder of 200 Words a Day.

200 Words a Day is a one-person independent business entirely sustained by its community, which means no accelerator, no investors, and no external financing. This website is my life's work: it's my full-time job, I spend time and money on it
every single day of the week.

I had to find a way to make it sustainable: some features of the website are not free so that you, as a member, don't end up becoming the product - which is what happens with free websites. Patrons obtain access to unique functionalities of 200 Words a Day, allowing them to ease the growth of their writing habit.

200 Words a Day is an open startup: I operate in full-transparency. You can see
what I'm working on and where your money goes.

Beyond the operational costs, I have to make a living from my work. As of today, I'm still living frugally on my savings. I have about a year left of savings to reach a point where I can cover my living expenses (~$800/month). If I were to fail, it would mean having to find side gigs or a full-time job as an employee. In others words, it would dramatically decrease the time I can spend on growing 200 Words a Day. Here is a breakdown of my metrics:

Operational Costs: $31/month ($25 in server costs, $1 for the domain name, $5 to send automated emails)
Basic Living Expenses: $800/month ($500 for housing, $200 for food, $100 for my health insurance and my transportation costs)
Goal: $831/month ($9972/year)
Current Monthly Recurring Revenue: $138/month (61 active patrons, thanks for the warm energy throughout the months pals ❤️)
Current Gross Revenue: $1218
What's needed: $693/month (139 new patrons)

If you're not already a patron, consider becoming one. 200WaD's goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you write more. You own your content, it's all about empowering you and the people you care about. Freelance writers are being paid between 10 cents and a $1 per word. In one month of 200WaD practicing your craft daily, you are creating $600 in value at the very least, on paper. And that doesn't take into account the friendships you are developing here and how writing will impact your life for the better. Let us help you, join our patrons :)

Thank you for reading!
Take care,