Beating the averages

Published on Nov 6, 2019

Last day I was reading an article written by Godfather of Startup Paul Graham. He's always an inspiration for me and most of the startup founders. The article was about how to crush your enemies. While reading this article, it resonates with our startup story and mistakes we made.

As a small startup, We always try to research our competitors and other better products in the market. It's always hard to get users and make them love your product more than competitor does. For us, most of our competitors where using really good tech stacks compared to us. Because of that we planned to improve our tech stack and added to our product roadmap.

So we decided to improve our tech stack, aim was to build a really cool and fast app which should be 10x better than our competitors. We decided to learn our new tech and start writing our product from scratch. The learning curve was steep but we figured out and learned the tech within 2 month.

This is something I'm not so proud to say. But switching from our previous tech to new stack was really difficult and it took us nearly 4 - 6 months. Not only it took us long, the product was not polished perfectly since most of our engineers where beginners in this tech. This is a terrible mistake we made.