Be Focused

Published on Oct 23, 2020

I laid out plans and I've pushed my limits, but I've never really achieved.

My problem was I overcommitted, but not on what matters.

I made open commitments on here, on Twitter, anywhere that was public.

I spread myself so thin. I never achieved anything.

Nobody cared though. I was just another big mouth in the void of the internet. A big mouth that never finished his promises. A big mouth that was always in the same position.

But what have I found that works for me best?

Small goals.

Atomic Habits.

What a surprise.

Rather than committing to exercising every day, reading every day, writing code every day, doing X, Y and Z every day... just start small and build up.

This year, I changed things.

I'm 30. It was time to solve my deepest issues.

This year, I left my job. I almost left my partner. I lost friends. I almost imploded my entire life.

My focus has always, or at least for a long time, been my weight.

It took some time to build it up, but I let that consume me. Nothing else.

I started weighing every Sunday. I started taking progress pictures and measurements every 1st. The progress was extremely slow at first, I wasn't wholely committed. It took until about August for it to finally sink in and start taking it seriously.

I'm seeing amazing results.

I started walking 10,000 steps a day in August. I upped that to 12,000 a day in September, and I started T25, again. (I'm on Beta cycle, week 3)

Now, I work out every day. I feel better than ever. I sleep better. I have more energy for other things. I'm using exercise as a bouncing board for other habits — drinking more water, eating healthier, valuing my time.

I still have the same overcommitted goals, but I'm more focused.

I always found the monthly goals I posted here to be a good form of accountability. Let's do this. Are you guys still doing those?