Backlog fatigue

Published on Oct 8, 2020

As a PM, I've often dealt with backlog fatigue; it's the feeling that you have ideas/features/to-dos sitting in an "on-hold" section waiting to be worked on when you have the time and energy to pick it up. Due to the nature of work, this backlog is like the universe, ever-growing, and ever-expanding. No matter how proficient you or your team is, or how efficient you are in shipping out things, this backlog is always full and looming in the background. 

This backlog fatigue is something I often experience on a daily basis and I have been experiencing an extra dosage of it this week and last week. Usually, I will always have a long to-do list + habits and learning I want to do each day but I've been developing a good way to manage and prioritize the work as they come along. However, this past month I spent an entire week away for a quick vacation, followed by a move to a new neighborhood and apartment, the combination of the two high priority and non-routine based activity has completely thrown me off the loop. It took a few days of recharging before I found the courage to uncover this backlog again to work on it. 

If there's anything I learn about constantly dealing with my work and personal backlog, is that the best way to deal with it is learning to be flexible. The sight of a large list should not be a source of anxiety but rather an opportunity and reminder to focus on what's the most important each day.