Published on Sep 1, 2020

In terms of online activity, an avatar refers to an electronic image that represents you. 

Some people like to create avatars that match how they look in reality as closely as possible. These are probably the same people who change the colors of their emojis. I don't do this. I use the default emoji "Simpsons yellow" color. Am I the weird one? 

When I attended a virtual conference a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a stark contrast between people's avatars as depicted by stock company photos vs. reality. Most presentations began with a slide showing the names and company photos of the speakers. These stock photos are sometimes the equivalent of "glamor shots," and many people seem to be using photos that are a least a few years if not a few decades old. It was jarring to see the stock photo of the person and compare it to the current appearance of the person on some webcam live.

I'm also shocked by people who don't seem to change at all. At my 20-year high school reunion, there were some people who had not changed AT ALL. Lucky them.

That reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke. 

"Hey look at this picture of me when I was younger." EVERY picture of you is when you were younger.