August Wrap up

Published on Sep 1, 2020

I set out to do a few things in August. I have done a lot of it and have some I will need to do in Sept... Here is my summary of things done corresponding to the goals.

GOAL #1. Continue with the good things from July - Family time, health, sleep, learning, reading, writing and volunteer work.

Done - Done - Done and Done.

GOAL #2. Apply for graduate school. If it isn't too late, apply for the fall semester.

Done and Done. I actually got accepted into 3 colleges. A lot of colleges are removing all the barriers to entry they had before because of corona. And it is working to my benefit. I have applied to one school that should start Oct 1st. I am trying to find scholarships so that is the only hurdle for now.

GOAL #3. Resume writing the book I want to publish.
Not Done.

GOAL #4. I want to borrow from last August and resume the apply 3 books experiment again. This time I want it to be the One thing, people skill (for communication) and one more for leadership.

I made a lot of progress here. The ONE thing is creeping into everything I am doing. I am using it in my projects both personal and professional and it is helping me focus on the important thing. It really is like 80/20 principle on steroids. 

GOAL #5. Volunteer work.

Done. This is the one thing I have continued to do consistently. It will be a part of who I am going forward. 2020 is making me realize that life is too short not to do meaningful work.

Other achievements:
Finance - Credit score and savings is looking good. I have also made a big decision about my #1 expense. Cut it down dramatically. So savings are going to get even better soon.

Skills and courses - This is the one area where I was able to focus and execute. I got a few certificates from Linda learning and one from Harvard. I am on a learning track to be a data scientist. And more importantly, I started working on an App that I have almost completed. I am going all out and going to put it on a website for people to be able to find and use. I am left with the web application portion of it. Very exciting and really the best way to learn.

The last victory of Aug is something I just wrapped up with my family. We signed the closing for the first house we bought 17 years ago.

All in all - August was very transformational for me. I have reassessed a lot of things. I have learnt a lot of things. Quiet a bit of retrospection this month. About life, purpose, career, love, family, friendships, leaderships, power, meaning, stress, process,  and data science.

May September be a successful month for all us that have defined what success is.