August Review

Published on Aug 31, 2020

Things that went well—I made some good friends and met some new faces. One of my favorite things. I also quit something major that I wasn't saying "hell yeah" to, my summer internship. That was something I was proud of myself for acknowledging and stopping it early (and amicably!). I also am approaching 6 weeks without eating meat. It's been an interesting experiment and I plan to stick with it. Moving to a new Airbnb with much better WiFi is a huge plus as well.

Things that didn't go well—mainly I didn't work on projects as much as I would have liked. I've realized that not having a job is not a panacea to achieving all my dreams; I still have to be super intentional about how I spend my time and get shit done. Similarly with writing, I've kept up my streak on Cowriters, but haven't made enough time for the larger writing projects that I've wanted to pursue. I think that this new environment will be pretty conducive to doing that though—everyone here is super driven and focused and I am very much the type of person that absorbs that from people around me.