Attract, not chase

Published on Nov 16, 2020

This popped up in my social feeds today: 

I don't chase. I attract. What belongs to me will find me. Simple.

This perfectly sum up my efforts in the past two months to follow my energy and curiosity, going with the flow. I was (still am!) a bit of a Type A personality, the over-achiever sort. I like putting clear goals and objectives before me, being constantly driven to achieve them, and leading a purposeful and productive life. Chasing for what I wanted was my way of being, my SOP for anything in life. 

So it was actually hard—really hard—to attract instead of chase. It might be the hardest thing I ever tried to do, because it goes against the grain of how much I am as a person, right from when I was young. In the past months since I started trying to attract instead of chase, I often found myself sitting on my hands, just playing pretend to this new game, only to shoot off into a chase the moment I found something, be it a new opportunity, goal, or task. I grasp onto things too hard, too fast.

I imagined the proper way to do this attraction thing is one of active passivity. None of the head-first, bull-out-of-the-gate kind of pro-activeness. More of a graceful dance, flowing with situations and people like waves over rock, being calm in demeanour and solid in stance, yet vibrantly alert to potential opportunities or roadblocks. Stillness in movement. If my approach previously was punching my way through things, this new approach would be like tai-chi – catching, guiding and leveraging any incoming force back into itself.

Sounds fluffy. I know. So the best way to describe it is still just:

Attract, not chase.