Asking To Do The Digital Analyst Homework

Published on Feb 17, 2020

A few days ago, I received a message on from someone who was seeking for help in answering a Google Analytics question.  Now on my Google Analytics gig, the essential requirement is access to the account to look at the data. This person says I cannot give you access but can send a screenshot. As an entrepreneur, I do not mind giving out some analytics goodwill.  It is about building long-term business relationships. 

Saturday, while waiting for my truck to be serviced, this person sends a message not with a screenshot but with five technical Google Analytics questions. The questions are not part of my expertise.  Based on the context of the questions, they were from a course.  Data analysis and reporting are where I am an expert.   Granted, with time and Google, the answers can be found. My reply is that the technical subject matter is not part of my expertise.  The next message was a screenshot of website data broken out by source and medium with eCommerce transactions asking me to do a Powerpoint presentation.  

The next question was, tell me more about the business and the website.  The reply was, how fast can the analysis be done in a presentation format. (The person was located in the far east.)    I politely told him I do not have the time.  

There are no shortcuts in becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst.  It is always about putting in the work.  Here is another case of someone looking to take the easy way out to get ahead.  Searching for a Google Analytics certified pro with vast experience, let's connect today.