Armageddon Skydiving

Published on Aug 23, 2020

I went skydiving for the second (and third time) this morning. It was in the Bay Area, where the fires have been raging and visibility has been lower due to the smoke.

As the plane went up the first time, I had a surreal moment where I first looked around the plane and saw everyone in masks. Then I looked outside the window and saw the mile-high layer of smoke sitting on top of the earth, as well as the clearest skies I'd seen in a couple of days due to the smoke. Like honestly wtf is going on? My rule of thumb that I've been living by is that 2020 will only get crazier until it doesn't.

You might ask (like myself), how the hell are people still skydiving in this environment, for both COVID and smoke reasons? People have to make a living. People love to skydive and are willing to pay for it. It's pretty simple in that way.