Are streaks important?

Published on Jun 9, 2019

The general consensus on how long it takes to create a new habit is approximately 60 days. I'm nearing that milestone and generally feel as though writing 200 words a day is now ingrained in my daily routine. However there are some days, today especially, where I just cannot be f!*ked to write a post. The only reason I do end up writing is because of this streak.

Which begs the question/s: Is the streak really that important? And is taking a day off a mark of failure or laziness? A lot of times you'll hear successful people say that you just gotta show up no matter what. And that makes sense, for if you can only perform in optimal conditions then you're really not pushing yourself or growing.

At the end of the day it all comes down to excuses. Like today, as I said, I just can't be stuffed. Therefore I'm writing trash and going on a rant. Is that better than writing nothing? Is this process of writing just as important as the content itself?

My 50+ steak of writing everyday actually means something to me, but I just can't put a finger on what that is exactly. Practicing this habit sometimes just doesn't make sense and that's when it gets hard. The why behind it all gets fuzzy.

If you have any tips of clarifying the why in order to help make a stronger habit then please feel free to share! Does the streak matter? And if I do miss it, what's my excuse? There's always time to show up and write ... But why does it matter?