Are restaurants dying?

Published on May 28, 2019

I noticed that more and more people are becoming health conscious.  And I debated with my friends if the restaurant industry is coming to an end?

I personally do not eat out the way I used to.
Still, I enjoy going to a good restaurant once in a while - especially in good company is a treat. I usually pick the healthier option when possible but I don't see myself not wanting to have the restaurant experience completely. 

A lot of people care about the source of their food and want to know what goes into it. Cooking at home is becoming a trend. But at the same time, a lot more healthy eating options are becoming available too. 

I am surprised at how many salad based restaurants are opening everywhere. Famous chains like Chick-fil-a and Mcdonalds are introducing keto options in their menu. 

I think the bad quality restaurants will only be for the people that are too stressed and too busy to care about their health.
I hope and predict that such conditions will not last too long. 

We may have more creative and diverse cuisines - plus more delivery options but I don't think the restaurant business is dying.