Archiving options for 200wad posts

Published on Nov 12, 2020

The impending shutdown got me thinking about what I want to do with all the posts I have here. I feel like I want to start on a clean slate on whatever new writing platform I end up on. Yes, starting from streak ZERO, again! That'll be interesting. So that means that I likely won't import over my content here. But I do wish to host it online, somewhere. It's more shareable, but I don't foresee any readers for it. At least for my own reference, if anything. 

We got three options when we export all - markdown, json or html. With the formats comes options for how we can host the files. Some ideas I have:

Wordpress - you can probably install an import plugin, and import the html files into a self hosted Wordpress site. If you already have one, it's as easy as uploading those html files into your public folder. But Wordpress maintenance is something I'm not a fan of. So, pass.

Stackbit - create a JAMstack blog using one of the blog templates available, using Github and Netlify. Upload the markdown files into the posts folder in the Github repository, connect with Netlify and that should be it! Simple and basic blog. And with JAMstack, it will be a static site and you don't have to worry about security or updating it.

Github + Github Pages - this is a viable, bare bones option. Just create a new repository, create a posts folder, rename and upload all the html files into the repo. Add index.html file with some text like "Jason's 200wad archive". Connect to Github Pages. You'll need to know the direct URL pathway to read the individual posts, though, but it's online at least. You can probably do this with the markdown files as well, but choosing Jekyll as the engine for Github Pages.

So how are you going to archive your posts?