Apple Watch

Published on Nov 6, 2020

My wife chastised me two years ago when I bought myself an Apple Watch. She said, "What do you need that for?" I had no real response; all I could say is that it would be cool to have one. I don't think she was impressed with my response.

My Apple Watch was a great buy; it is terrific for tracking all my exercise, as well as it being my digital wallet. I pay for everything using my watch. My recommendation is that if you are going to get an Apple Watch, make sure you get the cellular option. It ensures that your watch can be independent of your iPhone when you need it to be.

Recently, my wife started tracking her exercise using her phone. As great an iPhone is for tracking exercise, it was too bulky for her to tuck away or carry during exercise. So I suggested she get an Apple Watch. I reminded her of what she said to me two years previous, but it didn't dissuade her from wanting one. She needed an Apple Watch, and she was going to get one. 

My wife's Apple Watch arrived today, and she seems quite chuffed with her purchase. 

I shall resist the urge to say, "I told you so".