Apple announcement and Prime Day

Published on Oct 13, 2020

It's always a good day when Apple is set to announce the latest round of goodies. I've been looking forward to today's event in particular because there will be new iPhones and I am due for an upgrade. 

As if the excitement of new Apple products weren't enough, today is also Amazon Prime Day. I no longer fall for the hype of this day. In years past I got some great deals, but the last few years Prime Day has been largely disappointing. A lot of Prime Day seems to be centered around trying to get rid of stale inventory. I don't even bother with Amazon's site, which is a complete mess trying to weed through page after page trying to find items I'm interested in. I use a couple of sites that curate the deals I might want.

I was reminded of a phenomenon when I see a deal for a discount in which the amount of the discount is actually more than I would have expected to pay for the product. $400 off of a monitor are you kidding? So you have a ballpark of what the price is if they are taking $400 off. If you can get a 70" TV for under $1000, I'm certainly not going to pay that much for a computer monitor.