And the President is...

Published on Nov 5, 2020

Who knows. I had a feeling we would not have an answer on election day or even the next day, so here we are.

I had a great idea for a post earlier today and I totally lost it. Maybe it wasn't a great idea after all, but it seemed like it at the time. I usually put it in my Notes app when that happens, but it happened while I was busy with work.

Today was the first step toward assimilation with the new company in the form of transferring emails to the new company domain. Microsoft must have this down because it was a relatively painless transition. Someone in India took over control of my computer and did the work. My only contribution was typing in my password now and then and asking what he probably thought were silly questions. This now means I have four work-related email accounts, although the previous account is no longer in use and will bounce all emails to my new work email for an extended period of time.

I find I am still adjusting to the time change even though I didn't change time. It's almost as if i lost the hour everyone else gained.