Analyze This Website

Published on Mar 21, 2019

Being an independent Digital Marketing Analyst presents many opportunities to analyze website data from all different types of businesses and organizations. Since Google Analytics is free and not that difficult to implement that is the area of my expertise.

In my practice, I use a holistic approach to doing website analysis. Additionally, by asking the client probing questions about their business, it gives insight into their expectations and if they pay attention to their metrics. In many cases, they have a mindset that they have a turnkey analytics solution and developer did everything correctly.

This week I worked with an e-commerce client who has two websites. The client wanted to know about the marketing channels that were driving sales and being able to track transactions that came via Amazon. When he mentioned Amazon, I had to do some research. Being independent offers the opportunity to learn something new about the digital space.

The ability to analyze Google Analytics data at scale to see the story for my practice is vital. There are 18 queries designed to accomplish it. The first attempt with this client looking back at the last 12 months there was no data. When the date range was changed to the current month, the data started to appear. Both sites launched March 1.

The e-commerce queries returned no data. Viewing the Google Analytics account and website that part of the implementation was not completed. Looking at both sites, it turns out both are Amazon affiliate businesses. Once viewing the user flow it all made sense.

The client received basic reporting and analysis for both websites. Additionally, he was provided the research I found about using Google Analytics and tracking the transactions coming from Amazon. Consider the effort on my part he got more of my time that I planned on. At the end of the day for the practice, it is delivering significant value and building long term business relationships.