An Abandoned Blog with an Active Writer ?

Published on Jan 9, 2019

If you were to come across my blog, you would quickly categorize it under one of the countless that have been abandoned by its writer. Usually when a person stops blogging, it’s because they’ve stopped writing altogether. In my case it’s been a different story. In fact, I’ve been writing more since neglecting it. 

My blog was supposed to make me write more and act as a collection of my work. Yet this second presentational factor drove me to obsess over writing only evergreen pieces: highly valuable posts that retain their value with passing time. I was scared to post anything that might be seen as pointless in a couple years, or even on the day published. My expectations were too high, and I ended up hardly writing. But if I haven’t been blogging and I’m not an author with a book deal, where have I been writing?

Have I been working on my own book in private? The opposite actually.

I’ve been running a tiny email list awhile now  It began around the same time as the blog, but I’ve kept with it. My reason for abandoning the blog and focusing on email was the creative process of writing emails. Blogging set expectations too high while emails let me set them low. When sending out an email I was less concerned about not only the details like typos and grammar, but the essentials, like how good is this actually? Will this affect anyone? An email can be in semi-development. They act more as parts of an ongoing conversation rather than a piece of work set in stone. For an aspirational storyteller who has struggled to write consistently, this was the killer feature.

But the human mind never remains complacent. Once it achieves one goal — in this case to write consistently — it seeks another. And thus I’ve been eyeing that neglected blog yet again. In the future, I’ll write about my plans for writing, which involves that blog, going forward.