Always Prepare For Your Clients

Published on Mar 28, 2019

For all the years working in the corporate world when it comes to being a project leader being prepared for meetings is critical. Now as an independent Digital Marketing Consultant it is vital because it is the client's billable hours that pays the bills. Doing a website reporting analysis project is not that difficult, but data visualization can be a challenge.

If you are a small business that uses Google Analytics for the website or mobile application, Google Data Studio is the free solution for data visualization. It is a seamless connection. Using this tool has become part of my consulting practice. It is Google's answer to Tableau.

Today was a call with a new client, and we are using Google Data Studio to summarize the data and make it actionable for his business operation. The data source is Google Sheets. Connecting it to the solution is not an issue. Using it as the data source can become an issue because of the limitations.

Working with client specs the mindset is to get it right the first time and provide the best solution to fit the client needs. This client the specs have many small details and yesterday it made sense to break out the requirement into four separate reports.

The practice for this follow-up meeting is not to sit there with a note pad and scribble down questions. Instead, it is about getting big with the project. Using a large blank pad with markers each report is broken out with any questions about the specs and gives you enough space to take notes.

Talking with this client today he is happy with the progress of the project. We were able to cover everything to take the next step forward. By managing it by getting big, there is more clarity, and the notes for the updates work like a checklist.

In the end, it is about being prepared for the client and having a system that enables you to execute on the next steps of the project at scale.