Alone time

Published on Sep 21, 2020

I cherish the time I have alone. I've been living with seven other people at the moment. It has been a blast and totally exceeded my expectations in terms of how well we'd all get along, but it's still nice to spend a day alone once in a while. Without spending some time alone once in a while, it's hard to calibrate how much I enjoy people's presence and how much I need people in my life in order to thrive (a good amount, but not too much).

That's also been part of the reason I started waking up earlier. It's simply too easy to spend every evening fooling around with my housemates. Don't get me wrong, play is really important and healthy and I need it on a regular basis—that's why I chose to live with people in the first place. But sometimes I just need to crank out some personal work without distraction and I find that I get the most of that kind of work done in the morning. I'll turn down the occasional movie night, but I think it's worth it. I play only as much as I like to.