A weekend project

Published on Nov 14, 2020

It wasn't just a talk, I actually went ahead and started prototyping an alternative social streak writing platform. And of course I couldn't wait until the weekend! I've already spend a few hours during the week to setup something simple.

Getting up with the basics is easy. I already have fully functioning platform ready where you can register and login, write posts and comment them. There is even a favourites feature. Then there is own, recent and popular posts listings too.

But those all are just simple basics. There is still a lot that need to be improved on almost every feature. There is also a lot of work in the background needed regarding things like security, performance and reliability. The frontend, while not looking horrible needs some usability improvements. And the there are still a lot of missing essential features, most notably the streak counter.

I still won't promise this will become a thing. I'm still not ready to show you anything as I don't want to make a poor first impression. But I promise I'll at least push it a little further. To a point where I could show it to a wider audience.

Besides the basics, what would be your most essential features?