A reminder

Published on Oct 17, 2020

I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself to NEVER get to a certain place.

I received an email update from an author who wrote a book about sleep. The subject of the email was the following: "Power new book & 10 foods PROVEN to enhance your fat loss hormones"

It looks liked he's moved on from sleep to diet. The email is filled with lots of copywriting. There are no stories, only brief statements about how he and his family grew up obese and how he has discovered some secret that is all explained in his new book. Oh, and since I'm on the list I'm finding out about it first before everyone else and have the opportunity to preorder it. 

I'm interested in the topic, and I may just decide to buy the book but not because of this email.

The whole point of this email is to sell a book. I never want to get to this place. I don't want my newsletter to be like this. I'm tired of the same stuff that is uninteresting or designed purely to sell me something. 

No more courses. No more listening to "experts" telling me how I'm supposed to do something. I think I know enough now to craft out a unique path of my own.