A Month of Basecamp

Published on Jul 31, 2020

I've had a personal (free) Basecamp account for a while. Since I started freelancing, I thought I would start using it more rigorously.

I set up schedules - when to do my admin, whenever I had a chat.

I set up check ins - what am I doing this week? What did I do today?

I checked it every day. I filled it in every day.

Turns out, it's a little excessive for me.

It's more for collaboration, so using it for myself hasn't achieved much. I thought it would be useful if a client asked what I did - but that rarely (if ever) happens, and if it does, I have other ways to find that out - commits, issues, emails, whatever.

I thought the schedules might be useful, but I don't have much to actually schedule.

I can see the benefits if I used it for a project and invited a client to it for discussions, but the clients I am working with tend to have their own issue tracking - the one I'm working on today just uses Github issues and nothing more.

I've given it a fair shot, but for now, I'm dropping my usage of Basecamp.

Do you guys use any tools like Basecamp? How do you manage things?