A great day

Published on Sep 2, 2020

I've become friends with the people I'm living with very quickly. It's only been 3 days, but it's been so so much fun. The 8 of us all did a Chloe Ting workout together in the backyard and then cooked dinner together afterward. It's been really lovely.

I was also glowing all day from a wonderful set of interviews that went really well, for a company I'm super excited about. Translation: I vibed so hard with all my interviewers. It honestly sounds like a dream role for me. I've talked with ad nauseam about how I was going to spend the next couple of months unemployed so I could write things and build products. But this company and role are so exciting that it is more than worth it to put those things on hold.

I also went to the park nearby to lie on a blanket in the grass and listen to my new Discover Weekly playlist. The weather here is gorgeous.

This is honestly all I need in life—live with a few friends in a cheap and beautiful area, and the rest of my career and social life can take place online. That's actually how I like it anyway, in a world without COVID.